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NFU 32 Groove Cutting Machine

The NFU 32 is unique, unrivalled and only available from MAFELL! The ideal machine for longitudinal or transverse grooves, barge boards let into rebated rafters, panel fillings in timber-framed buildings or intermediate floors. With a maximum cutting depth of 26.5mm and depth of 32mm, the NFU 32 can execute most types of grooving work. The cutting depth can be set steplessly. The cutting width is set quickly and easily with eccentric discs. Details such as the exact column guide or the torsion-free router table guarantee a 100% exact cutting result.


Product Features:

  • Special machine for grooves
  • Expanding grooving cutter


Application Area:

  • Length wise and cross wise grooves
  • Frieze blocks (with guide)
  • Panels in half-timbered buildings, false floors
  • Angled grooves up to 45⁰
  • Compatible materials include solid wood and board materials
Cutting Depth: 0 - 32mm
Cutting Speed (Nominal Load): 16 m/s
Cutting Tool: 125 x 15.4 - 26.5mm
Tilt Range: 0 - 45°
Nominal No-load Speed: 4500 1/min
Nominal Input: 1600 W
Universal Motor: 230v / 50Hz
Weight: 8.0kg
  * Price Model / DescriptionPart No.     
£1,220.00 NFU 32 Groove Cutting Machine (240v)913521     
Accessories / Tools:
£518.00 Expanding groove cutter (with reversible TCT knives - 125 x 15.4-26.5 x 30mm)091418     
£349.00 Guide track (with sliding bevel and adapter)201546     
£5.00 TCT Reversible scoring knife 14 x 14 x 2mm (4 required)034907     
£6.00 TCT Reversible knife 15 x 12 x 1.5mm (4 required)201544     
£4.00 Countersunk gauge screw for scoring knife035257     

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