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LNF 20 Biscuit Jointer

Now with extra features... and all conveniently integrated in the MAFELL-MAX. Ideal for the biscuit jointing fanatics amongst you! One turn of the revolving depth control turret adjusts the tool to all conventional flat dowel sizes. The tilt stop can be fixed at 0°, 22.5°, 45° and 67.5° up to 90°. Torsion-free cast angle stop and height adjustment make your work easier while 2 sturdy adjusting bolts keep your setting constant even after your 100th cut. All you need is "on board" in the MAFELL-MAX: practical containers for your dowels, space for the optional pitch pocket cutter, anti slip mat and of course your LNF 20.


Product Features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • With revolving depth stop


Application Area:

  • Cutting slots for biscuits
  • Cutting slots for wood patches
  • Compatible materials include solid wood, board and carcass materials
Cutting Tool Ø : 100mm
Cutting Depth: 19mm
Tilt Range: 0 - 90°
Cutting Speed: 28.7 m/s
Nominal No-load Speed: 9800 1/min
Nominal Input: 750 W
Universal Motor: 230v / 50Hz
Weight: 3.1kg
  * Price Model / DescriptionPart No.     
£375.00 LNF20 Biscuit Jointer (240v)915621     
£375.00 LNF20 Biscuit Jointer (110v)915622     
Accessories for LNF20
£39.00 TCT Cutting disc - 100 x 4 x 22mm (6z)076905     
£161.00 TCT Pitch pocket cutter - 100 x 8 x 22mm (2z)091793     
£25.00 Perspex base plate 076965     
£12.00 Anti-slip mats (2 pieces)095063     

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