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UVA 115E Sander

For sanding plastic or painted surfaces, the speed can be electronically adjusted and locked. The option avoids excessive heat and sticking of the sanding paper. The armature of the MAFELL motor is new. Together with the new sanding pad mounting, it was designed specifically for the needs of the UVA 115 E. This orbital sander is also very effectively sealed against dust, which contributes to its long service life. Soft grip surfaces prevent the user's hand from slipping. Besides improving safety, they take the fatigue out of working with the UVA 115 E. The machine is connected to a dust extraction system by way of a standard 35mm connector.


Product Features:

  • With Vibration absorber
  • High built-in extraction efficiency
  • With Delta sanding function

Application Area:

  • Sanding work
  • Coarse and fine sanding
  • Sanding between coats
  • Flat surfaces
  • Compatible materials include solid wood and paint
Sanding Area: 115 x 230mm
Sanding Stroke: 2.6mm
Nominal Power Input: 450 W
Nominal No. Strokes (No-load): 4000 - 24000 H/min
Universal Motor: 230v / 50Hz
Weight: 2.7kg
  * Price Model / DescriptionPart No.     
£475.00 UVA 115 E Orbital Sander917431     
  * Price Accessories / Tools:Part No.     
£13.00 Universal filter bags UFB-1 (5 pieces)205570     
£65.00 Abranet abrasive mesh HD P 60 (20 sheets)093410     
£65.00 Abranet abrasive mesh P 80 (35 sheets)093411     
£65.00 Abranet abrasive mesh P 100 (40 sheets)093412     
£65.00 Abranet abrasive mesh P 120 (40 sheets)093413     
£65.00 Abranet abrasive mesh P 150 (40 sheets)093414     
£65.00 Abranet abrasive mesh P 180 (40 sheets)093415     
£65.00 Abranet abrasive mesh P 240 (40 sheets)093416     
£65.00 Abranet abrasive mesh P 320 (40 sheets)093417     
£15.00 Abranet abrasive mesh set Delta 105 (3 x P80 / 3 x P120 / 3 x P180)093418     
£9.00 Interface pad UVA-SA 10 (10 holes - 115 x 230mm)093420     
£10.00 Interface pad UVA-SA D Delta 105093421     

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