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Z5Ec Portable Bandsaw

The new Z 4 and Z 5 Ec portable bandsaws are the innovative successors to the legendary Z 3. Owing to a new, high-output motor and magnesium die-cast components, their persuasive benifits include reduced weight, enhanced performance, higher torque and excellent handling. Exclusive with ball bearing saw band guidance for excellent band running and thus for optimum cutting. Maximum 8mm saw bands for optimum flexibility when curving and profiling purlins and rafters. The shorter arm of the Z 4 Ec gives rise to a maximum cutting depth of 225mm. For thicker work, the otherwise identical Z 5 Ec offers an impressive cutting depth of 305mm. The precision that typifies MAFELL portable band saws enables the Z 4 Ec and Z 5 Ec to execute extremely clean and perfectly square cuts. The cooling air of the high-performance motor is utilized to blow away dust from the mark. As a consequence, chips are kept well away from your head and maintain clear view of the mark at all times.


Product Features:

  • Variable digital elecronics
  • 30⁰ tilting blade side
  • Combined brake/off switch
  • Ball-bearing blade guide
  • With CUprex, the high-performance motor

Application Area:

  • Rip cuts and cross-cutting
  • Curving and profiling
  • Birsmouth cuts and lap joints
  • Compound miter cuts and angled birdsmouths (two-man operation)
  • Compatible materials include solid wood, laminated beams
Cutting Depth: 305mm
1 Band Side Tiltable: 0 - 30°
Nominal No-load Speed: 650 - 1550 1/min
Nominal Input: 2250 W
Universal Motor: 230v / 50Hz
Cutting Speed: 6.9 - 16.6 m/s
Weight: 13.7kgs
  * Price Model / DescriptionPart No.     
£3,675.00 Z 5 Ec Carpenter's Portable Bandsaw (240v)925301     
Accessories / Tools:
£361.00 3m Guide rail (2 piece with connector)037037     
£372.00 3m Guide rail (1 piece)200672     
£199.00 1.5m Guide rail extension036553     
£43.00 Parallel guide fence039386     
£37.00 Set adapters for use with guide rail037195     
£253.00 Trolley202110     
£17.00 6mm Bandsaw blade (6 teeth per inch, for curved cuts)092333     
£17.00 6mm Bandsaw blade (4 teeth per inch, for curved cuts)092335     
£17.00 8mm Bandsaw blade (4 teeth per inch, for mainly straight cuts)092336     
£24.00 8mm Bandsaw blade (4 teeth per inch, with front and rear cutting teeth for easy reversing)092337     

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