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MKS 130Ec Portable Circular Saw

Sheer power and high torque take on a whole new meaning with the new high-output CUprex motor. It offers performance-optimized digital electronics and newly developed control technology. Its speed is continuously variable according to the nature of the material and application. The saw's handling and behaviour are refined by smooth starting, constant speeds under load, speed reduction and overload protection. The exemplary design of the MKS 130Ec embraces extremely ruggedand high-quality materials, including the lightweight magnesium die-cast housing and impact-resistant, fiber glass-reinforced plastic components. Most of the surfaces that are conventionally exposed to dust or chips have been eliminated. The MKS 130Ec satisfies all the requirements that arise in traditional and modern carpentry: cross and rip cuts in wood or insulating materials are easily executed thanks to the availability if appropriate accessories. Nothing is left to chance as far as safety is concerned: the MKS 130 Ec features a motor brake and a seld-closing saw guard. Among the other safety features, the on/off switch has an integrated starting lockout button.


Product Features:

  • With new tilting system of 60⁰ for more cutting depth
  • Unique precise height adjustment
  • Constant cut display
  • With CUprex, the high-performance motor

Application Area:

  • Rip cuts and cross-cutting
  • Bevel cuts up to 60⁰
  • General joining work, Birdsmouth cuts
  • Compatible materials include solid wood, laminated beams, insulating materials, composite boards
Cutting Depth: 50 - 130mm
Cutting Depth 45° : 37 - 94mm
Cutting Depth 60° : 25 - 65mm
Tilt Range : 0 - 60°
Nominal Input : 2500 W
Nominal No-Load Speed : 1000 - 2000 1/min
Cutting Speed : 15.4 - 31.5 m/s
Motor : 230v - 50 Hz
Weight : 14 kg
  * Price Model / DescriptionPart No.     
£1,860.00 MKS 130Ec Portable Circular Carpentry Saw (240v)925401     
Accessories / Tools:
£55.00 Guide track F80, 0.8m204380     
£68.00 Guide track F110, 1.1m204381     
£92.00 Guide track F160, 1.6m204365     
£143.00 Guide track F210, 2.1m204382     
£199.00 Guide track F310, 3.1m204383     
£49.00 Connecting piece F-VS (to connect 2 fence guide extensions)204363     
£89.00 Sliding bevel for guide track F-WA205357     
£221.00 Aerofix F-AF 1 suction clamping system204770     
£62.00 Guide pocket (for guide rails up to 1.6m)204626     
£302.00 Guide Pocket Set: 2xF160 + F-VS + 2xF-SZ + Guide Pocket204805     
£356.00 Guide Pocket Set: F80 + F160 + F-WA + F-VS + 2xF-SZ + Guide Pocket204749     
£8.00 End cap F-EK205400     
£18.00 Non slip profile F-HP (6.8m long)204376     
£17.00 Splinter guard F-SS (3.4m long)204375     
£85.00 TCT sawblade 330 x 30 x 2.2/3.2mm AT (24z)092571     
£93.00 TCT sawblade 330 x 30 x 2.2/3.6mm AT (40z)092572     
£122.00 TCT sawblade 330 x 30 x 2.2/2.6mm AT (54z)092579     

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